As a college student, I understand the money struggle. It’s real, and it’s stressful. Whether you are putting yourself through college, or you work during summer’s and ration your spending money throughout the year, these tips will help you to save money, or at least spend less than you would. Without further ado, here are my money saving tips for college students.

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Happy Thursday! Today I’ll be talking about some of my favorite things at the moment.

Lately, things have been really busy. I just finished up with my finals on Tuesday (I’m not a sophomore anymore, YAY), and I have been extremely stressed. A few posts back I talked about some things that help me destress lately, so you should definitely check that out if you need a little help in that department. A few of those things are included in my post today, along with a few other favorite that I just have to tell you about. My favorites range from music to clothing to makeup. Grab a cup & read on!


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