You know when you have those days when you have plans, and you sleep in past your alarm or you get a text 20 minutes prior to having to be somewhere? I get it. I really do. I understand the panic you feel when you don’t think you have enough time to put yourself together in 10 minutes, but I’m happy to report that you can get ready quickly and look and smell great! As a college student who has had one too many 8 am’s (I have to leave my apartment 45 minutes before), I can pretty confidently say that I’ve mastered a ‘get ready quick’ routine. Today, I’m here to spread my knowledge on the art of getting ready quick!

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Happy Thursday! Today I’ll be talking about some of my favorite things at the moment.

Lately, things have been really busy. I just finished up with my finals on Tuesday (I’m not a sophomore anymore, YAY), and I have been extremely stressed. A few posts back I talked about some things that help me destress lately, so you should definitely check that out if you need a little help in that department. A few of those things are included in my post today, along with a few other favorite that I just have to tell you about. My favorites range from music to clothing to makeup. Grab a cup & read on!


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